Help find Michelle Cummings' killer

Donate now to join USNA alumni who want to help secure justice for MIDN 4/C Cummings and his family.  All donations will added to the rewards already offered by APD, FBI, the State of Maryland, and Metro Crimestoppers.

All donations made using the button on this page will be held in escrow by the Annapolis Police Foundation pending a request by APD for disbursement in response to information that leads to criminal charges filed against the individual(s) responsible.  The donor agrees that APD has sole discretion to determine whether information provided qualifies as leading to criminal charges filed against the individual (s) responsible.

In the event no reward is paid by December 31, 2022, the funds will revert to the general fund of the Annapolis Police Foundation and will support APD in other ways.  If you would like to make a contribution to the reward fund, but wish that contribution to be returned to you in the event no reward is paid, please reach out to us here.